Ways Blog On Latest Alexa 2014

My Backlink - Ways Blog On Latest Alexa 2014, Maybe the bloggers among us still wondering, how to register your blog or website to Alexa. So far we have know that alexa zoom has changed and there has been no service "add my site" or add to the site for free.

Alexa parties only provide the View menu Plans & Pricing that might make us a little surprised, with the menu that Alexa provides free only in the first month after enrollment and next month will be charged.

But if we are careful and observant to understand the flow of the latest alexa website, we will easily find the way to register a blog or website in Alexa for free.

To register your blog or website to alexa please follow the steps below:
1 Log in to your Alexa account here.
2 Click My Dashboard >> Add My Site

3. Popups will appear like this, enter the URL of your blog as per the example.

4. Go to the next page, it looks like this, you scroll down.

The best way to see if it works is to read a review of the Links Managment software.

Later in the middle there will be written as below, click on a site's claim to proceed at once to claim your blog registration.

5. percis, the page will appear as shown below, you enter the URL of your blog and then click Continue to proceed.

6. You will find the page as below, select Method 2 will automatically appear meta tag code to claim your blog, do not forget that you can copy the code below and paste the code and <head> , When done click Verify my ID.

7. If the meta tags right before you plug in the note then routed Your site is successfully claimed. That means you have successfully registered your blog once claimed Alexa website.

Congratulations you have successfully claimed the blog