Tips and How to Speed ​​up Loading Blog

Tips and How to Speed ​​up Loading Blog - One of the techniques to increase visitors to the blog is to accelerate or ease loading blog. Besides light blog template is one factor that seo friendly template. Actually a lot of factors that affect the slow loading blog among the most common is because it kecepata intenet often you use to create a blog or do blogging activities. Besides, it is also a slow blog loading caused by the use of javascript code in blogger template that you use.

How to speed up loading blog is a phenomenon dikalanagan blogger blog slow because if will reduce comfort, not just a blog visitor, may also Admin blog itself. If you do not want to struggle to perform particular blog optimization blog loading ease, one way that I recommend is changing your blog template to blogger template which has a fast loading. One of my collection and a blog template that I liked best was freandly seo blogger template which has a loading speed is incredible. You can download and use for free but may not remove links creditnya.

Back to the subject of our discussion about how to speed up loading and tips blog. Here I will describe tips relieve loading blog as you can read below

Loading accelerate Tips Blog

1. Use of Images and Media (Video)
Before you post a blog article that uses many images in it I suggest to compress. Beside that also if there is a blog post on the video I recommend to you to take it into account. If the video is not so important and there is still a more effective alternative to use these alternatives.

2. Usage Widget in Blog Templates
The use of widgets on the blog too much will cause a slow loading blog for links and scripts contained in the widget will also be loaded. The more widgets posted on the blog then loading blog is getting more severe. My advice pengting-use widget only important for your blog such as widgets histats, fanspage facebook and others. For widgets such as clock, calendar, music I suggest not posted because I think it's not so important, and its negative impacts outweigh the positive impact.

3. Excessive use of JavaScript Code
Wearing javascript code in the blog template can not be avoided, but we can meminimalisr use javascript as needed. When you are too much to add this code into your blog template, then what will happen is when the load when a visitor opens the page in a website or blog you will wait a long time. This can adversely impact the development of your blog. We'll see tenama websites like facebook or google, not the website has a fast loading?

4. External Link
External links are links contained in a blog or website that lead to other blogs. All links will terload / read when opening a website or blog visitors to be able to perform as an actual form appears on the screen monitor. For that I suggest you do not put too much external links from blogs, in addition to slow loading blog also affect your own SEO blog. If you use the link from the outside, try it in a container, such as a link to google code or image link / image of bloggers who are still in the hosting.

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