Google Launches Google Domains Registration Services

Google Domains

MY BACKLINK 86 - Google has opened domain service called Google Domains. of the results of the research will be undertaken google, that as many as 55 percent of small businesses do not yet have a website. While domains are basic components needed to create a website. Therefore, Google launched their latest service on frontage google domains, the goal in order to help more small businesses to be able to have a website.

Google domains is still in BETA stage and is only for people who have been on the invite. Besides serving just google domain hosting and serving. But google domains has been working with services such as website builder Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace.

With google domains then we can sell and buy domain, the features on offer include:
  • There is no additional cost to conceal the identity of the domain owner.
  • 100 email aliases;
  • domain forwarding;
  • 100 subdomains;
  • And, hundreds of TLD (Top Level Domain) such as. Teachers and. Photograpy

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