Why Should Provide Comments?

Why Should Provide Comments? - This time I will try again to share with my friends blogger, a topic I will discuss is regarding comments. Why should comment? There are several principles that need to be understood by a blogger when they leave comments on other blogs. If we forget about the basic ethics of this comment it will basically generate comments are nothing more than a waste of time. This time to comment on other blogs and blogging culture has become increasingly popular among bloggers. This is the best way to give your opinion on the post that is being read. Like to add something that has not been included in the article posting and talking about other things that are still relevant and related contents of the article post.

In addition to exchanging ideas and thoughts through the comments, you of course get backlinks or back links and traffic towards your site. In the comments that you leave, of course you give the name and address of the url that you write. However, commenting on the blog are not only used to get traffic and backlinks visit but also for various other reasons. Well, below I will give the reasons why you should leave comments on other blogs.

  1. Backlink
    As I have written above, leave the url address that leads to your site. Good URL is your own name or the name of your blog. Anything that can be characteristic of you so that others are easier to remember. I like that when commenting always leave on the blog My Backlink. Comment on the blog is a great way to get inbound links to your website 'and we all know how important backlinks or backlinks for search engines.
  2. Traffic
    You will get traffic with good quality if you also leave good comments on articles often related posts. Try it you are qualified to comment, will surely attract more readers to visit your blog because they think a comment you need to explore further.
  3. Popularity
    To comment on other blogs too influential to increase the popularity of your blog. Read on to learn link popularity. Your name will gain prominence and resulted in bringing more traffic to your blog. Still, you must provide quality comments and other reader's attention related article concerned.
  4. Gets more comments
    By commenting on other blogs, hopefully they will do the same thing to comment on your blog. But this one is less likely to apply for blog owners who already have high traffic. So a little trick, Berkomentarlah the blog is still empty, then he will give you comment back on your blog. Do not expect a lot of comments get a reply from the owner of the blog is already well known.
  5. Improve the relationship with the blog owner
    By commenting on other blogs, you can improve the relationship with the blog author. Once you know the author of the blog, then improve the relationship by sending an email to her blog contains quality award that he has, and say if you like the blog.
So there are a few things to keep in mind that commenting on other blogs is very precious and valuable if you are qualified to comment as well. For me, it's better to send a quality 10 comments 30 comments rather than giving only the original comments.