About Google Penguin

About Google Penguin - After Google Panda who had horrendous virtual world, then came Google Penguin update a few months ago or about mid-April and early May. Google Penguin created by Google to alter search rankings around the web including this blogspot. Google algorithm update themselves with the ultimate goal is to make Google can recognize and penalize your website or blog that does a lot more spam.

Thousands of bloggers are affected, including mybloggerthemes.com my blog and some of my friends are also affected. It is sad, because quite a lot of traffic suddenly dropped drastically and a more terrible is that almost all of our blog posts disappear from the search engines or slipped away from the front page of search engines.

Little discussion of Google Penguin, here are some things that can cause us hit Google Penguin blog include:
  1. Excessive keywords used to improve a specific page.
  2. Links are made to improve the ranking of a particular page.
  3. Duplicate content is used for the purpose of improving ranking in search engine traffic.
  4. Doing excessive optimization, such as submit a content simultaneously to multiple social bookmarking site or use the services of excessive ping service.
  5. Using a traffic exchange services (traffic exchange) as easyhits4u.com obviously not liked by Google.

Google Penguin blogs affected will experience a significant decline in traffic, because almost the entire contents of the blog can not be found on search engines. Google says this update only affects 3% of the demand. Although not much, it is certainly a signal that Google wants to tighten the grip on your website or blog spam, so be sure my friend did a good SEO strategy and correct according to the standard Google.