How to create an interesting blog

Many of the bloggers who simply create a blog and do not take care of it when nice and informative blog that can increase revenue by bloggers.

To earn the promises of a blog, there should be a consistency of a blogger, is to continuously fix and keep updating his blog and view the blog post, so that makes blogs interesting.

Google and Blogger Logo
Google and Blogger Logo

The characteristics of a good post

Post is the most important thing in a blog, without posting it is not a blog and posting original and informative, our blog will be interesting to visit.

1. Original

Try to be creative to make a post, please copy the posts from other blogs, because it will make your blog be poor quality and visitors are reluctant to visit the blog friends. If the companions are forced to look at other blog posts, try it just for reference only, and make references in the bottom of the article. Writing original content banya also bring benefits to others and ourselves "Gains create original content that is not recognized".

2. The theme / topic

Make postings related to the theme of the blog friends, do not let friends make a post but in contrast to the theme / topic of blog friends. Because the theme of the blog we will determine our blog brand and I recommend do not be a blog that has a lot of topic or blog called hodgepodge. (How to choose a blog topic).

3. Mutual concerned

Make posts that are bersangkuta, because the link is concerned we can put up inbound links that include on-page SEO techniques. Made a post in question also can reduce the bounce rate of your blog, and mempebesar PV (Page View) per visitor us.

Design blog

Next is the design of a blog, and the following characteristics of a good blog design:

1. Neat

Try to make the layout of a blog into a neat and not messy, because blogs are neatly will make visitors feel at home and continue to visit your blog, while the blog look cluttered and unclear, will make visitors become confused and will leave your blog, of course it is very disadvantage, because the blog without visitors is useless.

2. The fast loading website

Keep the blog template that you use light and not too many widgets are useless, karenak it will make your blog accessible and membiat heavy to unsettle visitors explore your blog, following "How to speed up loading your blog or website"


If the above aspects friend live, surely companions will succeed in the world of blogging. Keep the spirit of blogging and keep learning, because despair is not an appropriate way. Failing that usual, there is no success without failure