Broken Links Negative Impact On SEO Blog

My Backlink 86 - First of all I will tell you what the meaning of broken links. Broken links are links that when clicked can not be found or an error, a 404 not found on your blog or website..

broken links

This often happens on blogs or sites that provide files link which links to the files are errors caused because the file link from a blog or other site. For example, you present an application on your blog or website, to be downloaded by visitors to your blog or website, the source files of the application of the blogs or other people's sites. Currently have the application files to delete the file from the file, or moved to another folder, then the file download link applications you provide will be broken links / erro / 404 not found. However, not only that the cause of broken link, it could also be caused due to a typing error in the address of the link. I recommend do not underestimate it because it would be very bad for SEO your blog or website, the broken links if you do not delete from your blog or website.

Here the impact negatife broken link on a blog or website :

Broken links can lower the position of the article in the SERP, decreased page rank and difficult posts indexed. Why is that? Because Google is so hated by the broken links, and Google can be considered as a manipulation and mark your blog or website as perpetrators "spamer". Hence, do not ever consider this a trivial matter.

Avoid provide file - a file from a blog or other site. We recommend that you download the file first, then re Upload storage in each - each. By doing so, your blog or site will be safe from broken links.

That Broken Links Negative Impact On SEO Blog that I know. We are sorry if the article is less clear :).