How to compress Javascript to Speed Blog

My Backlink 86 - Sometimes we often require javascript code for a variety of purposes in the actual blog where a growing number of javascript code in a blog and then automatically measure will add a blog page and also add loading to open a blog.

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To the javascript code can be compressed to produce smaller size, so as to speed up the loading of the blog.
For how to compress javascript can be done online as follows:

Step 1
  • Please visit this site
  • Copy javascript code you want to compress and paste the Javascript code input box, or you can also upload file.js us via Javascript Upload tab files.

 compress Javascript
Tutor compress Javascript 1

Step 2

Click the Compress Javascript and get results on the tab Output by clicking Download JS Files .

compress Javascript
Tutor compress Javascript 2

And the javascript code that we have already compress results with smaller file size. If the script wants to be saved as an external file, and will be called later through the website so we can keep on hosting javascript script like google code.

Thus a way to compress javascript to speed blog or webiste.