How to Increase Blog Backlink

How to Increase Blog Backlink

MY BACKLINK - When it is no secret how important backlinks to build a blog. Backlinks are very influential in the 'competitiveness' between blogs on search engines. The more backlinks will get stronger blog page's relevance in the eyes of search engines. Backlinks can also increase the Page Rank.

In essence, like a bridge backlinks for search engines to sniff out our blog page. More and more backlinks, then SEO it even more kick, and the edges can boost traffic and pagerank.

How to get backlinks include:

1. Commenting on blogs or other sites that do follow
Particularly high PR. List of blogs / sites do follow can be search in Google. But, should be commented wisely.

2. Link exchange
Can actually do a link exchange greetings with each other through blog comments. However, this method is not so effective because the link will not appear on the main page or all page.

3. Submit your blog to a web directory
Well, that's special, you can visit Great Directories. There's a list of 100 web directories do follow PR 5-9 which provide free backlinks

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