Easy Ways to Make Banner Animation

Creating animated banner may be said to be useful for those who want to promote a product or website. Animated banners attract more attention than usual. Definitely my friend never saw a banner that arrived - arrived move / change the writing, and ask - and confusion wondering why the image could move: D. That's called an animated banner. Maybe for you guys who are proficient in the field of graphic design never mind no stranger to create animated banner with the software.

However, unlike me. I am not very proficient in the field of graphic design. I usually create animated banner using online services are either free or paid that we can use. Typically, animated banner format and extension .gif or flash. Below are some websites that provide services create animated banner:

Gif banner:

Flash banner:

To make this animated banner, I recommend using the services of picasion website. Please refer below to find out how to How to make an animated banner.

1. Make 2-3 more images (according to your needs) with a size of 125 x 125 px. example:

2. Now that you visit the site http://picasion.com.
3. Next, click Browse and select the image that has been my friend made earlier.

4. Select the image size in the Size dropdown menu.
5. Select the animation speed also on the dropdown menu Speed.
6. If so, click Create animation.
7. If you use the example picture No. 1 result will be like this.

9. You can save the animated banner or can also simply copy the image url.
10. Done.

How? is not how to create an animated banner?.

Hopefully useful