Script Code Ctrl + U Effect Redirect

My Backlink 86 - A lot of people who want to steal a script code from our blog by using button Ctrl + U to see a good script code CSS, HTML, or JavaScript that exist in our blog. To avoid theft this code using ctrl + u i have a blog tips obtained from Kang Ismet. Here if we press Ctrl + U then we would be transferred to a page, which is where this function to the results page redict or redirect (divert).

With the use Script Ctrl + U then it will be a little safer and can give a little warning to those who would steal the script of our blog. Script ctrl + u is given effect to divert to another page so that no one can see our blog script code. Immediately, who want to know the script ctrl + u to redirect effects please refer to the following:

For DEMO please you press Ctrl + U on this blog (My Backlink 86).

1. Log into your account
2. Click the Template => Edit HTML
3. Copy the code below, then paste the above / before the code is </body>

Note :
Please replace the text links with the blue color ( of your Destination URL

5. Save Template.

6. Try press Ctrl + U on your blog is in Redirect

Hopefully Helpful