Benefits of Google Plus for SEO Blog

Benefits of Google Plus for SEO Blog - As we know, the development of social media is rapidly increasing day by day. Of the many social media is becoming the champion is certainly Facebook and Twitter. but did you know that it is actually useful for webmasters like us is google plus. Why? yes because google plus very good for SEO.

Benefits of Google Plus for SEO Blog

Yes , Google plus is very good for seo because basically google plus social media itself is made ​​by Google , of course, each of these had a positive impact on the SERP . for more details, refer to the following explanation of the benefits of google plus for seo blogs :

Authorship Rich Snippet

In content indexing , Google will provide filters for each website / blog in the index , one of which is the use of filters authorship . With the Google plus is every webmaster can verify the author website using the google google plus so would prefer the content of the website / blog . If the language simply google would prefer the people she knew , the cook would not know in tingkrongin on page one .. hehe . In addition to the article author rich snippets will also increase the confidence of visitors in your article .

Recommendation +1

As with any other social media , Google Plus also provides facilities to share things like user . In this case call +1 google . so what is +1 for SEO benefits ? . Actually tremendous benefits for blogs and seo for google will read your article as the article is useful for many people because it was recommended by many people . and its impact was predictable , the possibility of your article perched in large semakkin pejwan .

Dofollow Backlinks

It 's the most delicious , hehe . So google will provide compensation in the form of backlinks for every article +1' d by the user should , of course it is dofollow backlinks . Which is more stable again , each user gives a +1 article , then the article will be automatically entered into their profile and appears also in connection veranda ( circle ) of the user . so imagine if you have 10,000 people in your circle , then how many backlinks coming into your article .

So from now on do not underestimate Google Plus , because he is part of our stained . hehe . okay if you find this article useful please give +1 this article yes . Better yet if you add me to your circles