Tips to Make Your Blog Post Title SEO

Blog Post Title SEO
In addition to a description of the contents of a blog post , the post title is also the second content from a blog . Content is king , as the title of the second content must also be optimized in the search engines or to be more SEO blogs to get the best position in search engines and provide more traffic .

Traffic is leading to our blog from search engines , about 80 per cent depending on the title of the blog post . The best way to treat the search engines is the same as treating humans . If we are able to optimize blog post title so we can elect the best by search engines .

Tips to Make Your Blog Post Titles To More SEO

1 . Use the Google Keyword Tool
Use the Google Keyword Tool to analyze keywords that exist on the title of the blog post . Try to do a little research with the words used . To know the word is widely used globally , we must analyze it using the Google Keyword Tool .

2 . A maximum of 66 characters long title
Google only displays about 66 characters of the title of the posting , so do not try title more than 66 characters . Use one or two keywords that are relevant to the content of the post short . If we use too many keywords in the title of the blog post will only make it more confusing title of the search engines and your post could be considered as spam .

3 . Creating Compelling Title
Optimal haruslan blog post title and interest in the eyes of the search engine robots and readers . Search engines like titles with short keywords , whereas humans would like an interesting title . People will only read the headline and a short summary on the results pencariannnya . Therefore, use the title of an interesting , short , and dense .