How to Apply and Get Money From PopCash

My Backlink 86 - PopCash is one of the CPM program much like PopAds already I discussed earlier. Yes & nbsp; CPM (Cost Per Million) is a program where you will get paid per-view or you will pay per thousand views, so the CPM program is particularly suitable for a blog with a lot of traffic.

By joining PopCash sooner you will get the money instead of playing the PPC program because PopCash system is CPM, so it is suitable for those who have a blog with traffic very much and want to make money fast also.


How to Apply PopCash.

Ok, just how to register in PopCash, the following steps - steps :

1. Please visit Sign Up Publisher PopCash Here.

2. Furthermore, the content of the data - the data on the registration of PopCas
  • Full Name: Fill with your full name.
  • Username: Fill with your desired user name.
  • Your Email: Fill in your email address.
  • Confirm Email:Fill in your email again with.
  • Password: Fill in the password that will be used to log into the dashboard PopCash.
  • Confirm Password: Fill in with your password again before.
  • Phone: Fill with your phone number, not in the content nor anything - anything because the only optional.
  • Country: Fill with your country.
  • IM Network: Fill with IM if you have, if it does not clear the course.
  • IM ID: If you previously filling the IM Network, content id IM account is yours, if it does not clear the course

3. Then checklist >> I have read and agree with the terms and conditions << and then the Submit.

4. The next check your email, because you will receive a confirmation email. If you already accept you open the link in the email to confirm. Then the notification will appear as shown below when you have confirm..

5. Congratulations now you've got an account PopCash, now just use it to get dollars: D.

Payment PopCash
Payment PopCash

How to Install PopCash Code Blog.

Once you have an account PopCash now stay put PopCash code on your blog to make money.

1. seblum add code to the blog, you must first add the website's how:
  • Login to your PopCash dashboard, click PopCash
  • Then click the Publisher >>> Websites >>> Click Add New Website
  • You add your website and select the category, if it is click Add Website.
2. After adding a website you wait until your website / blog is approved typically 1 x 24 hours

3. If approved you just attach PopCash code on your website / blog how:
  • Login to your PopCash dashboard, click PopCash.
  • Select the Publisher ==>> Websites
  • Select a website / blog that will be installed PopCash, then click the icon code "Get Code" to get the code.
  • Next live to store the code above the code </head>.
  • Finish
Code Ad PopCash
Code Ad PopCash

4. Until this has been completed, your increase the number of visitors of your blog so that income from PopCash also great.

Ok, that's How to List and Earn Money From PopCash . Minimum payment of PopCash is when your balance has reached $ 10. Good luck and increase your number of visitors so that income from PopCash also great :)