How to Apply and Get Money From PopAds

My Backlink 86 - PopAds is one of the CPM program extremely profitable than PPC. CPM (Cost Per Million) is a program where you will get paid per-view or you will pay per thousand views, so the program CPM is very suitable for a blog with a lot of traffic .

CPM is very different from the PPC, where you'll pay per view while PPC you will pay if someone clicks the ad. Surely this would be very beneficial if you have a blog / wesbite with traffic .


Requirements List In PopAds
1.Blog / Website is not unlawful America and Costa Rica.
2. Have some articles.
3. Blog / Website registered in PopAds will be approved within 24 hours.

Payment Terms In PopAds 
1. Minimum payout is $ 5.
2. Payment is made upon request.
3. It took 24 hours until the balance is sent.
4. Payment via Paypal, Payoneer and Alert Pay.

How to Apply PopAds
1. Please visit this link Sign Up Publisher Here
2. Then fill out the form on PopAds.

Registration Form PopAds
Registration Form PopAds

Account Details
Username: Fill in the username that will be used to login to PopAds.
Email: Enter your email address.
Account Type: Select Publisher.
Password: Fill in your password.
Confirm Pass: Put reset your password.

Personal Details
First Name: Fill in your first name.
Last Name: Enter your last name.
Phone Number: Enter the telephone number/handpone you.

3. Click I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions, to approve.
4. Click Register to complete the registration.

When finished registering please open the email you registered in PopAds, you will receive a confirmation email from PopAds for registration. Please click on the link and congratulations now you already have an account PopAds to supplement your income.

Adding a Blog / Website In PopAds 
1. Please log on your PopAds account.

2. The section Publisher's Panel choose New Website.

3. Then fill the data - the data blog / website.

Site Name: Fill in the title of your blog.
Site URL: Fill in the URL of your blog.
Description: Fill with your blog description.
Keywords (one per line): Fill with keywords for your blog.
Category: Select a category that fits your blog.

4. In the Allow Campaigns with ... , please select any ad that will appear. While at Allow advertisements showing as ... , select what ads will be displayed.

5. Click Add Website.

Please allow within 24 hours to your blog / website is approved, a notification via email.

To add PopAds Code Blog
1. Please select Code Generator on the Publisher's Panel.
2. Select the blog / website you tampilakan ads from PopAds.
3. Then click on Generate Code, it will display the code below.

4. Then, copy and store the code above the code </head> on your template.

Payment Proof PopAds

Payment From PopAds

Ok, that tips can I give the how to earn money from a blog with PopAds. Hopefully the CPM program of this PopAds can increase revenue from the blog / website.