Creating Links Redirect to another URL on the Blog

My Backlink - Creating Links Redirect to another URL on the Blog - One trick is very useful for those of you who want to divert the visitors at the old blog to the new blog. This might be because you have made a new blog with new address or better than the previous blog. As always, if we create a new blog with a new URL, traffic would also have to start from zero, then the trick of it is useful for us who want to utilize our old blog traffic by implementing the redirect trick that directs visitors to the old blog new blog, so that we do not need to start from zero again our traffic ... fun is not it? : D

For those of you who want to implement this redirect tricks on the blog, please see the following steps:

1 Log in to your blogger
2 Go to the "settings" of your old blog (which already has quite a lot of traffic)
3 Then click >> Edit HTML
4 Find the code <head> tag and place the following code at the bottom

<meta content='3; URL= http://your-order-links-' http-equiv='refresh'/>

Figures 3 intends to redirect to your new blog then it takes 3 seconds (the smaller the faster, for example: 1 then it means 1 second). Then link http: // your-order-links- you can replace with your new blog address (URL blogs that serve as the transfer target).

5. Click save template.

Please see the results in your blog: D