Easy Ways to Overcome rod Permanent YouTube Channel

My Backlink - Do you have a youtube channel that is affected by a permanent rod as shown above, the permanent rod channel is the channel that if any video uploaded videos always hit a club, well that's a club called the permanent channel, that channel is especially valuable asset because it produces hundreds of thousands hinggan dollar and the channel may already have the video very much and subscriber (customer) is always waiting for an update from your channel but you can not upload a video for your channel exposed rod [!]

I will provide a solution for those of you who exposed her YouTube channel to join a club that is permanent or join MCN Freedom, you might be confused as to what is meant by the MCN.

What is the MCN?

Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) are entities that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels, Often to offer assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization / sales, and / or audience development .

More or less MCN is something berafliasi YouTube Channel, usually offering assistance in various areas, such as products, programming, financing, promotion, partner management, DRM, monetization, and others.

What is the benefit of participating MCN Freedom?

MCN offers a lot of features, ranging from Content ID (kind adrev), design a logo / intro / banners your channel, payment (typically offer payment through paypal with a minimum of less than $ 100), music royalty-free specialty channels associated MCNnya it (usually MCN has the collaboration with artist / musician)

There also seems to say that the parties are required to join MCN gamers so monetizationnya easier, I do not know, but it looks like a rod going through MCN reduced. Read: seems reduced.

What are the Advantages join MCN Freedom?

MCN join other advantages which are features of the Block by Country, and there are features to set the ad to not be in the skip or skip visitors who were watching a video.

Requirements to join MCN Freedom?

  • Youtube channel to be Good Standing
  • No copyright lawsuit (Strike)
  • Adsense on youtube channel should not be exposed to healthy Disable Monetization

Freedom MCN revenue sharing?

  • 60% for the channel had
  • 40% to MCN
  • Continues that 40% of its MCN was subdivided
  • 15% for affiliated (if any) remaining divided 50:50 between MCN at youtube.

Profit sharing is based on the number of channels that subscribers who subscribe on your channel, the more subscribers the more your income.

  • 60% less than 10,000 customers
  • 70% to 10.000 to 100.000 subscribers
  • 80% to 100,000 + subscribers
  • 90% for 1M + customers

Are you interested to join?

If you want to begabung please follow the steps to register MCN freedom:

1 To Register please visit the official website freedom.tm
2. Partner With Us
3 Select Partner and Recruiter

4 . Wait for a reply on your email, approve or less freedom than 1x24 hours, if approved pemeberitahuan via email and will invite didashboard youtube account. .

5. Settings monetization features in your channel will change like this.

6 Stay uploads and upload directly "$" without having to wait "?" and decreases appear the sign "!" are often upset.

Note: for those of you who join Freedom MCN you will receive the results of lard during the next 2 months with a minimum payout of $ 1, so if you gajihan at the end of april then you will be paid in June.