How to Make Your Own Blog Search Engines

Search EnginesHow to Make Your Own Blog Search Engines - The search engine is a form that is used to find a page that contains a query or keyword that we are trying to enter in the search form . Search engines sometimes also called a search engine , because it serves to trace a query that is being sought .

The search engine is something that is very important , both for professional website or blog . If a website or blog has a search engine , it can allow visitors to the website or the blog to find what they are looking for.

In this post , I am dedicated to making a search engine or a search form that can be used as a widget in your blog . This widget is similar to the costum search engines that only search for existing queries in the blog . So no need to worry , if the results will lead to other sites . And one more No Ads or No Ads .

Actually , many service providers costume search engine that provides an easy to devise our own search engines according to our wishes . It's just usually included advertising on its search results . If there are no advertisements , usually have to use a paid service . Average - average about $ 10 per year .

But for the search engines that I made it , although it is rather complicated way , but search engines are supplied free of charge and without advertising . Because Source Script or Source Code for this search engine has been fully granted to you .

Indeed , the search results are not as good as the results of the search engines costume . However , perhaps there is between my friend - my friend all who want to try it . Yes if you ask me tolerable , than we spend money just for the search widget , or our third party display ads on our site are free - free .

If my friend are interested , and want to try the search engine homemade . Please follow the steps - these steps :

1.First - first, log in to your blogger
2. Then, click the Design, Layout, and Add HTML Elements / Javascript,
3. Further, Please Copy Paste Script Below,


Once the script is added below, please see the result first, and try to check in advance with the desired keywords. If it is appropriate please Save those elements.

  • Please replace the right to the desired position, for example left or center.
  • Change Search Articles Here ... with words - words buddy want. But, if my friend wants to form an empty search, please delete the text.
  • Search also replace the desired word, eg Go, Browse, Search, or whatever you want.