How to Make Colorful Popular Posts In Blogger

How to Make Colorful Popular Posts In Blogger - Popular post widget shows some of the most popular articles or frequently visited on a blog. Another function of the widget popular posts is to lure the visitor's eyes so that they click and view the articles that are popular. But what if the location or color of the popular post widget was not interesting to look at? Therefore my advice popular post widgets make it to stand out from other widgets

How to Make Colorful Popular Posts In Blogger

How can I make a difference to the post popular widgets from other widgets?. One of the tips is to Make Popular Post Widget Being Colors. By doing so, popular post widget will be very striking presence that may not be not visible to the eye pengunjug. Ok, now I will tell how, and for demos or examples can be directly seen on this blog.

Here are the steps you should do:

1. Logi to your blogger account.
2. Attach the popular post widget (Layout => Add Gadge t => Popular Posts => Save.
3. You go to Template => Edit HTML.
4. Insert the following code just above the code ]]></b:skin>


5.Save Template

Done and now see the widget display your popular posts. Must have been as colorful as the rainbow in the sky blue, hahaha. A few tutorial on "Creating Popular Post Widget Be Colorful" may be useful