How to Make a Blog Can not Pictures On The Download

How to Make a Blog Can not Pictures On The Download - Maybe we as bloggers ever felt upset when the picture on our blog at download / downloaded by others to be uploaded to the blog. Of course, just how we Take pictures with difficulty or are we Make painstakingly, taken and used by others without permission.

It's about the images, all images on this blog is not entirely created by my own. Many of the images - images of this blog are taken from blogs - blogs and websites neighbors. So, I think for better images allowed only to be shared and used by anyone.

But if we really - really had a super exclusive picture and do not want others to take it. We can add a css style in the picture, so that when the image is downloaded or save as, it will come out just a blank image file.

If you do not believe, please try to download / save as shown below:

And it proved , with the addition of a simple css style , can add a bit of security to our blog . Although there are still ways you can do to take a picture that has been given the additional css like this .

However by adding this css style , can slightly reduce the theft of images from our blog . And to know are the steps , please notice first code ( HTML ) basis of an image that we upload to the blog ( blogspot ) .

It is highly unlikely or impossible that a picture can not be downloaded by others . We just simply right click and Save As , then the image can be directly downloaded tar . But as I said in one of my posts , " In this world nothing will be impossible" . So, it is possible for us to protect pictures on the blog so that other people can not be retrieved .

First - first , let us consider the image in a blog script that we used to upload directly in blogger / blogspot . For example like this :

<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" /></a>

  • Code blue one, means that the link (picture) that will be addressed when the image (link) is clicked.
  • And, second code blue, is the url image to be displayed on our blog.

So, if we want an image on the blog can not click, it's easy. We just need to remove the blue link at the top of the first. Back to the topic,

Whereas, if we want the image can not click and also can not save as, then we only need to change the script / html code in the image above, with the code below:


Please change your image url image url in FILE