How to Change Color Links In Blogger

How to Change Color Links In Blogger

How to Change Color Links In Blogger - Link to a blog is indispensable for the content of blogs linking to each other. Blog visitors would be more interested if you've visited links on the blog interesting. Maybe my friends do not like the color of the links in the blog my friends and want to change it. By default this link typically use a standard template selected colors and bring down the line when the cursor touched. If the premises are not satisfied the default settings, we can change it. With a one-time setup, the changes made have been applicable to all existing links, including new links which followed. Well, here are the steps how to change the color of links on blogspot:

1. Login to Blogger => Design => Edit HTM
2. Search Code is a:link { sample structure the code in the blog template:

a:link {
color: #0AF251;

3. Replace the color code (color) to suit your taste;
4. Save Template, and then see what happens? completed.

It was an explanation of changing the color of my links, easy right? Oh yes often wrote nanya let me not to bother looking for material for this blog post, but that should be asked about this blog, if it means I have beyond googling first or reply with the answer "I do not know", knowing still learning too .

Hopefully helpful