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Google Adsense

For most users would expect Adsense to earn a lot of money on advertising in the Google Adsense. Therefore, optimizing the ad needs to be done in order to increase revenue without causing our account getting banned by the Google. Then, how do I optimize revenue on the ads? Let's see, this article titled Optimizing Tips on Google Adsense Income.

Some tips Optimizing your revenue through Google Adsense are:

1 . Rates Ad Size in Blog / Website
The selection of the size of the ad is important . If we are not right in placing an ad , then others will not want to click on our ads . To that end , place a wide variety of ad Ad Units in accordance with the best location on the template you are using .

2 . AdUnit Do not put too much excess Ads
Installing a lot of Google Adsense ads on a blog , does not mean that will add a lot of income . The application of the concept in the Google Adsense is based on the content and theme of each of your articles . So, use only a few ads so that the ads that appear relevant and in accordance with the content you have. It will mean so much to facilitate the visitors as they seek to know some things that exist on the Google Adsense ads .

3 . Add Element Search Box
In some templates sometimes there are still many who do not have the Search Box widget element . This search box would be optimal to add to your template . If visitors are looking for something to looking , the search box will be the option of your choice .

4 . Use Images and Text on AdUnits .
In making AdUnits Google Adsense ads , select the broadcast of the images or also with text on the ad . If you just select the pictures as a slide that will appear on the Google Adsense ads , it would be very detrimental to you . Because not everyone likes ads with pictures visitors may prefer the existing text on the ad . Of course , Google AdSense will set performance when all the ad units will display images and text .

5 . Edit Color ad with Right
To optimize your Google Adsense  , the latter is to do a combination of colors on your AdUnits . Pick a color structure relevant and appropriate to the theme and look of your blog . So that visitors can click it with ease .

That is , some tips to increase revenue and income through Google Adsense PPC advertising . Google will greatly help us in resolving problems regarding the delivery and placement of Google Adsense ads .