New Ways to Improve Google Adsense Revenue

My Backlink - New Ways to Improve Google Adsense Revenue I write because there is a new internet sites that can increase your adsense earnings can be quite helpful. Internet sites that can increase revenue from google adsense is safe link converter

Internet sites using the wordpress platform can be used to increase google adsense revenue by way of the internet address encryption download files you have uploaded in a special Internet site to upload files.

From one particular source of internet forum Google Adsense publisher said that the program is 99% of income will be given to customers in a safe alias members that link and the rest to them. Obviously this is more tender to increase Google Adsense revenue.

The good news is that for those of you who do not already have a google adsense account website provides the facility to create a Google Adsense account directly from the site and for those of you who have not or have no interest in or create an account google adsense websites still provide the facility for you, so for you who read this article and although not yet interested in having a google adsense account CAN! This FREE program.

1. For those of you who would like to register please click the link beside this

2.Once you get to the page of the site please click the sign up button and fill in your data such as images diibawah this:

3. Once you follow the steps above the next second you please click the Get Your User ID on the site and the copy of your User ID and then paste it into the plugin, I get the plugin according to the type of blog you please read the fourth ledge below.

4. Once you follow the steps above the next second and third please Download Our plugin and put on your blog for example as shown below

After creating plugin for WordPress, we thought about the second best blogging platform ,and we knew that we were missing out Blogger by Google. So now we have plugin for Blogger too ,now people can use Safelinkconverter to earn revenue and protect their content using Safelinkconverter. Just Copy the Javascript Code below and Paste it in the Footer of your Website:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- User_ID = "XXXX"; protected_links = ""; //Enter Urls You Don't Want To Convert Seperated by "," auto_safelink(); //--></script>

Description:  XXXX is your user id

5. Completed

Next now you just sit back and drink coffee tea samabil monitor your Google Adsense income.