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The Excess Google CRM - This time blogging wrote The recorder will share about the advantages or benefits of Google Chrome that maybe we do not know with

Memory management

Chrome has a memory management is much better than other browsers . Each of the tabs open on chrome is actually a chrome application itself is not like other browsers assume that all the tabs are opened in a browser application is a single application .

Then the benefits of the memory management itself what ? . For those who regularly browsingmenggunakan other browsers , maybe you 've never experienced Crashed when opening multiple tabs in the browser . Because caused , all tabs share the same memory allocation , so if one tab crashes , then all the tabs will also be able to impact anyway . Such a thing would not happen in Chrome .

Because each of the tabs is equal to one application chrome , then you can easily drag a tab out of Chrome to create a new Chrome window .

Chrome also has its own Task Manager . So you can see where the tabs are consuming a lot of memory , and you can even see the memory usage by a plugin that is being worked on certain tabs . So if you see a tab takes up too much memory , and do you think it could slow kinerj .

Chrome has its own Javascript Virtual Machine

Javascript Virtual Machine in Chrome completely new remade from 0 ( zero ) again , with due regard to the needs of the current user .

In the past , the use of Javascript is not as important at this time , even many web which does not use Javascript at the time, but now Javascript has become part of a very, very vital in cyberspace . Therefore , good handling javascript really got great attention from Google .

Javascript Virtual Machine in Chrome V8 made ​​by the team that is in Denmark . Team V8 is already very famous for its ability to create various virtual machine , so the virtual machine that is already implemented in Chrome unquestionable quality. And henceforth , Javascript Virtual Machine available on the Chrome V8 would be called by name .

V8 can run much faster than other virtual machines , because the V8 can be dynamically optimize the use of Javascript in a way that had made ​​Javascript is Classless be more classy ... hehe .. meant to be as air- Class  . Every object which has the same property on Hidden Class V8 will share the same anyway .

Another factor that led to the V8 can run much faster than Javascript Engine Virtual Machine or another is because the V8 javascript directly mengcomplie they found , and not clicking - interpret it as that of the other engines . The compiled program will run much faster than programs that interpret , because once a source code compiled , the source code that will directly into machine language . Machine ( CPU ) will be faster to run the program in a language that is easily understood .

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Another The excess :
    At the interface of Google Chrome looks bahawa wants its users to focus more on the web browser used and forgotten . It atinya memilii Google Chrome does not display disturbing and uncomfortable when being used .
  • MODES Incognito :
    In this mode allows users to access the website without leaving a trace .
    Google gives the option " Make Application Shortcut " . With this feature a web app like GMAIL or Google Teader can be run through shrtcut on the Desktop or Start Menu . So it looks like a local application .
    On each TAB is opened in Chrome has a separate process , so that when the error / crash on one hand will not mislead the entire browser error . ( This deficiency is found in FireFox and other browsers ) .
  • SEARCH :
    Chrome has an excellent search function . For example , chrome daat detect when the user had done a search on a website and enter the website in the list of search providers .
    Chrome provides the ability to thicken the domain name of a website . For example there is a fraudulent website.

Advantages of Google Chrome :

  1. 1 . Ability of quick browsing ( some say faster than Windows Explorer ) . Although it is not different from the speed of Firefox , could even compete .
  2. 2 . Automated bookmark all the sites that have opened in addition to history , the pages visited , etc. . So for parents who have Internet access at home can easily monitor their children , this is certainly useful
  3. 3 . Browser addresses that also functions as a search engine , this course is practical and special features .
In addition to the above advantages , there are again some Google Chrome features , namely :
  • - Supports flash and java ( integrated )
  • - Use separate memory tab .
  • - Supports Indonesian .
  • - Auto - complete address input ( Omnibar ) .