U.S. Sending FBI Investigation loss to Malaysia Airlines MH 370

ilustration - Malaysia Airlines MH 370

Government of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation send ( FBI ) to assist in the investigation Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 loss on Saturday ( 8 / March / 2014 ) early yesterday . The participation of the FBI team as there are U.S. citizens who took part in the flight .

A law enforcement official in Washington said the baby was with three U.S. citizens . " Most likely the baby is also a U.S. citizen , " said the law enforcement official who declined to be named , as quoted by The Star , Sunday ( 9 / March / 2014 ) .

" This gives us a ' dish ' for this case . Investigations ( FBI ) has just begun . Yet so far what happens is a mystery , " he added .

Previously reported , two people with false identities allegedly a passenger in the plane . The passengers with passports from Italy and Luigi Maraldi Kozel Austrian Christian lost two years ago .

The authorities have stated that both the name of the owner is now in a safe condition . Luigi is currently on holiday in Thailand and Kozel was at his home in Austria .