6 Features Google Adsense Premium Account

google adsense premium

Most of the adsense publishers do not realize that Google has Google Adsense Premium . Not all sites can apply / be invited in the program . At least 5 million searches per month or 20juta display pages in a month becomes a mandatory requirement Premium Google Adsense program . When one has reached the target site , then google will send you an invitation to join the Google Adsense Premium program . In Indonesia alone , only a few sites are already following the Google Adsense program and one of them is a Premium detik.com famous for actual news . What are the features / facilities that you can if you follow the Google Adsense program Premium ? the following facilities :

1 . More ad units / no restricted
According to the Google Adsense policy , a site is only allowed to put 3 ad units only. But if you Google Adsense Premium , you will be allowed to put as many ad units as you want .

2 . Flexible ad formats
Google Adsense Premium Publisher is not limited by the format of the ads provided by Google , they are free to create and optimize your own advertising formats .

3 . Can offer revenue sharing
Adsense publishers do not have the right to bargain for revenue sharing , are all determined by google . But if you Google Adsense Premium publisher , you are free to bid on the distribution of income as you like .

adsense premium

4 . Given an account manager
Google gives a task to a special representative to help optimize the site publisher in order to get better performance .

5 . Have the right to remove labels advertising
If the publisher usual display ad units will inevitably arise posts ads by Google , but Google Adsense Premium publisher reserves the right to remove the advertisement label which would certainly increase revenue .

6 . Fill free website or blog with any content
Google Adsense Premium Publisher has the right to fill the site with any content even if the content violates the TOS of Google Adsense smell .

A few Google Adsense Premium Glance , may be useful and add to your knowledge about Google Adsense Premium . Race- lombalah bring many visitors to your site to be one member of the Google Adsense Premium .