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  1. Blog does not contain the elements of the offense, lying, pornography, gambling, scams, get rich quick promises, PTC, etc.
  2. Blog content does not contain a link download songs, games, movies, MP3s, software, videos, etc. that are illegal.
  3. Blog content is not just a copy / paste from other blogs;
  4. Blog conditions in the finished state, not in the process of creation / development (oprek still there, the menu yangg many broken links, etc.).
  5. Blog content may be in Indonesian, Local Language, English or other foreign languages are important can be understood by the reader;
  6. Blog content is the responsibility of each owner's Blog;
  7. May use blog engine / whatever platform like Blogspot (Blogger), WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Please read the reviews on here blog engines.
  8. Bloggers must install My Backlink 86 banner on the main page of the blog to make sure that you are the owner of the blog / website. (Code banner Here

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