6 Healthy Ways Mushrooms Consumption

6 Healthy Ways Consumption Mushrooms - Mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods with vitamins and minerals in it. The food is also beneficial to increase energy and improve immunity.

Mushrooms become complete because it is also pamper the tongue. Texture "fleshy" make the vegetarians rely on it as a substitute for meat.

Interested to try to help reduce meat consumption? In order not to get bored, variasikanlah how to eat the following ways.

1. Eaten raw
Nothing should be cooked, eaten raw mushrooms also be providing a delicious taste. Mushrooms can be cut and chopped thin, then tucked in a salad or sandwich. But mushrooms need to be cleaned well before eating raw.

2. Baked
A good way to remove the sweet taste of mushrooms is by baking it. Toasting is also one of the healthiest ways to cook mushrooms. Before baking, mushrooms olive oil is applied first to help put out the natural flavors of the mushrooms. Bake until a brownish color.

3. Pan-fried
Good way, simple, and healthy to eat mushrooms is by menumisnya. In this way, the fungus only absorb a little oil so much healthier. Chopped mushrooms into pieces before menumisnya that mature faster.

4. Boiled
Mushrooms with a little boiling water will give you a sense that in the fungus. This method also can make mold be more filling. Do it gently to remove the taste and texture are more comfortable and soft.

5. Fried flour
Delicious way and tend to be popular, especially for the kids. In this way, a sense of mushrooms can be delicious, savory, and crunchy. Mushrooms can be fried in the same way as the chicken.

6. Burnt
Is one of the healthiest ways to eat mushrooms because it only uses a little oil. Oil is used to keep it soft and moist texture, as well as provide additional flavor.