Notebook Toshiba Satellite U dan M kini Hadir dengan Prosesor Intel Haswell

Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba Satellite U and M now comes with a Intel Haswell Processor - Intel Haswell Coming 4th generation gives new standard for notebooks. The world notebook manufacturers are now busy to bring his old products with the latest processors. Not to forget is the Japanese notebook manufacturers, Toshiba.

Toshiba Satellite U are now presented with an overhaul and M specification. Both notebooks come with 15.6-inch HD screen berukura, up to 16GB RAM, and a battery that can last for 7 hours of usage. Not only that, the two notebooks will also be equipped with DTS audio Sound Studio.

For U50t Satellite, Toshiba will use Intel processors 4th generation is equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4400. The ultrabook will come with a touchscreen display options and non-touchscreen. In addition, this notebook will have a means of storing up to 1TB HDD and the lightest weight of 2.3kg.

Meanwhile Satellite M will be available in three configurations, namely M50, M50D and M50Dt. Consumers can choose between using Intel processors 4th generation or the latest AMD. In addition, consumers can also choose Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics, 2GB NVidia GeForce 740M or AMD processors is specifically for Radeon HD.

Party also promised to bring Toshiba Satellite ultrabook M and the U in the third quarter of 2013. And for now, they still have not revealed the price of its products.