Messi Open Cafes, Cafe 17 Again Following

Lionel Messi
Messi Open Cafe, 17 Again Following Cafes - Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, began to explore the café business. Working closely with both parties, he plans to open a cafe in Barcelona in the near future, and after that 17 other cafes in the whole of Spain will follow.

Popular so quickly, using the name Messi Messi Cafe. The cafe will be decorated soccer jersey, trophies, and other football memorabilia relating to the Argentine's career. For this effort, Messi received 50 percent of the profits.

"This is an investment, which will work together with Messi to build a cafe," said a director of the Hope Funds investment company who refused to be named, told "The concept will be the same as the Hard Rock Cafe," he added.

Messi earned income of approximately 30 million euros ($ 380 billion) per year. The earnings include salary from Barcelona and advertising. He also ranks 11th in the list of the richest sportsmen.