Content Sharing Easier with Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV
Content Sharing Easier with Samsung Smart TV - entertainment devices such as television has become the most important tool when you are planning for a vacation at home. However, what happens during a television that always accompany this holiday may not work well then had to be replaced due to worn or outdated? Surely you should get a choice of television entertainment that can deliver a new kind of obsolete.

As a suggestion for a moment trying addressed to the attention of your Samsung Smart TV. Besides having a stunning picture quality, this TV comes with many exciting features, and one of them is Convergence, which is a feature that allows you to access content from other Samsung devices to a television or vice versa with ease.

Convergence features of Samsung Smart TV is the first Smart View, this advanced feature allows you to watch one and even two different sources of content at the same time. No longer need to worry about missing your favorite broadcast on TV or stampeding TV show with a family member or partner. You can still watch your favorite shows through Samsung smartphone or tablet while away from the TV. And with two different content sources, you can watch a football game on TV, while the couple watched the drama of DVD in the tablet / smartphone Samsung. Just connect the Samsung SMART TV with Samsung's tablet or smartphone you use Smart View, without the need for internet connection. Download Samsung Smart View application on your Samsung mobile device to enjoy this amenity.

The second is the Content Sharing, you can enjoy a variety of content from other devices thanks to features that exist on the Content Sharing Smart TV. With AllShare app from Samsung mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or Galaxy Camera, you can access files, videos or music available on your smartphone or tablet. Access via the AllShare app only use Wi-Fi networks and does not require a cable connection, so you can move more freely. You also can take advantage of Cloud Storage connection to access files stored in cloud services such as Dropbox, Sugar Sync, or Sky Drive wherever and whenever you like. Content sharing with this feature you will be easier to access all content without being limited by space and time.

Last is the Screen Mirroring. All the beautiful moments passing dibadikan Samsung camera, smartphone or tablet can easily be shared and enjoyed with family, friends, and friends via the Samsung Smart TV. Through the Screen Mirroring, display your gadget will appear on your big screen TV. Additionally Screen Mirroring feature is very easy for you who often travel far out of town for business presentations with clients, you do not need to be bothered with carrying a heavy laptop along with the cable to connect the laptop to the TV, just connect your Samsung smartphone or tablet to Samsung Smart TV screens through Screen Mirroring feature and your TV will look like a smartphone or tablet. You can directly share the document appears on the screen of your gadget to the TV screen to be viewed by the client.

So, immediately make the Samsung Smart TV as the "best friend" of your home entertainment devices and share content even easier. Please click