Apple Battery Patent Durable Register

Apple Insider
Apple Patent Register Lasting Battery - The latest patent application Apple filed pembesut shows how the iPhone battery gadget will make it more durable. Apple patented technology which makes the device consumes less power, depending wearer habits, location and other factors.

Patent called 'power management for electronic devices' This exposes key saves and reduces the power consumed phone or tablet.

With this technology, a mobile device can monitor its own activities to determine when and how long the user to recharge the battery, how far the user is traveling, and other factors.

The device saves energy reserve battery by turning it off automatically or by lowering some functions. For example, by temporarily disabling email activity or decrease the brightness of the screen.

This activity will then be saved as a power management scheme that will be used every day. The goal, of course, make sure your battery last up to the user to recharge the batteries.

Such findings will be very useful especially for mobile devices. But Apple also include other devices such as laptops, gaming devices and digital music players.

Not long ago, Apple also recently patented a type of flexible batteries. Mentioned in the patent, flexible battery allows the battery to be formed in accordance with the electronic device is made. Most likely, this type of battery will be embedded in smart watches iWatch.